Elevating Tradition, Embracing California's Relaxed Luxury.


Who we are

Focusing on exceptional materials, impeccable details, and thoughtful fits, Velvet combines a timeless perspective with subtle sentiments that form an enduring signature style. Our collections explore the lore of California's laid back luxury, always speaking to simplicity and uncompromising quality.


We’re in constant pursuit of the finest materials, stitching our garments to perfection with small production facilities in LA. Producing our garments in LA offers inimitable quality and authenticity. Cut from California cloth, we carefully select all of our fabric to meet the highest standards of luxury and sustainability.

Our Classics

In 1997, we crafted what would become one of the most beloved T-shirt collections, and since then, we've continually refined it. Produced in our Los Angeles factory using our signature fabrics, this collection of styles epitomizes perfection.