Impeccable California craft since 1997. Focusing on timeless wardrobe staples, 
local craftspeople and the most luxurious fabrics, our basics are anything but.

We’re in constant pursuit of the finest materials, stitching our garments to perfection with small production facilities in LA and select international partners. Producing our garments in LA offers inimitable quality and authenticity. Cut from California cloth, we carefully select all of our fabric to meet the highest standards of luxury and sustainability. From the softest organic cotton to the most luxe cashmeres, everything is hand picked for timeless style, luxurious feel and construction that lasts the test of time.

We’ve always been a family business, opening our first small factory here in LA in 1997, 
focusing on producing the perfect tee. Most of our garments are still made in Southern California to this day.

Our commitment to manufacturing locally allows us to consider and control every aspect of production, from finding the finest fabrics and hardware to perfecting each fit. We’re also dedicated to ethical labor practicing and supporting the local economy, which goes hand-in-hand with local manufacturing.

Our designs and ethical practices were developed in California and the same standards extend to our international partnerships.

As a family business, our relationships extend to the amazing local craftspeople we’ve worked with for years. We also work with a select group of international bespoke manufacturers when materials and techniques aren’t available at home. These factories are still always selected for their shared commitment to quality and ethical practices.

Velvet’s design team is at the core of its creative process, crafting collections that blend timeless elegance with contemporary style.

Our design team is the driving force of our signature quality, crafting collections that blend timeless elegance with contemporary style. This talented group of designers work closely under the guidance of Jenny Graham, our creative director, to meld inspiration from Los Angeles’ effortless style with global style. Their collaborative process ensures that every piece from Velvet is both current and timeless, perfectly balancing comfort with chic sophistication.