FAQ / Help

Welcome to our new site, we hope it will make your shopping experience much smoother and quicker. In case you have any questions, here is some key information about how the site change will affect you.

I'm already registered, what do I do?

Your user email has been transferred, however, you will need to reset your password here: www.velvet.co.uk/pages/forgotten-password.

I ordered on your old site, does this affect anything with that order?

The order will be visible to us on the new site and be processed as normal. For recent orders, dispatch will progress as normal, and refund details can be found on the order slip included with your delivery.

Where is my store credit?

We have a record of all users' credit amounts. If you wish to use outstanding credit, please contact: customercare@velvet-tees.co.uk

How do I add a product to my basket?

Simply select an item from anywhere on this site, choose your preferred size and colour - then click the 'add to basket' button. You can see the total amount of your basket by looking at the top right hand corner of the site, which displays the amount of items in your basket and the total value.

How do I view my basket?

When you have finished adding items to your basket you can view your Basket by clicking the 'View Basket' button at the top right of the site.

How do I pay for an item(s)?

To pay for your item(s) you need to go to the checkout page. A direct link can be found at the top right of the site or after viewing your basket. Once in the checkout area you will be prompted to enter your payment details to complete your order securely.

Payment Options

Which Credit Cards do you accept?

You can pay by Visa and Mastercard.

All prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rates and are correct at the time of entering the information onto the system. The total cost of the order is the price of the products ordered plus the delivery charge.

*Please note that we will be unable to change from a residential address to a business address once the order has been dispatched.

Does my Credit Card get Validated?

All credit/debit cardholders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to or does not for any reason authorise payment then we will notify you by email and not dispatch the order.

In assessing your request for goods or services, we may use your information for the purposes of the prevention and detection of fraud. One of the purposes for which we may disclose your address and postcode details is to check against the IMRG Security Alert or any other Fraud Prevention Scheme. At all times where we disclose your information it will remain secure. If you believe your details are incorrect you may correct those details by following the procedure set out in our privacy policy.

Redirects to velvet-tees.com

Please note that the links 'BLOG' and 'BEHIND THE SCENES' and 'PRESS' will redirect you to the experience pages of velvet-tees.com. If you are a UK or EU customer, and wish to purchase Velvet product, you will only be able to do this through the UK Online Store.