Christmas Travel Special - Vienna, Austria

As the winter months continue many people will be eager to jet off for a final trip before Christmas is here! Vienna, Austria is especially pretty at this time of year; with spectacular sights and plenty of Christmas spirit! First stop the Belvedere Palace, its picture-perfect lake is an amazing photo op! Make sure you look the part in the Caily Velvet Hoody or, if you need something a bit warmer, try the Mina Lux Faux Fur

Next up the super cute Christmas markets! Innsbruck has some of the most traditional stalls as well as the famous Gluhwein and Bratwurst to help warm you up. Try the Byrdie Alpaca Crew Neck Sweater with blue denim and some winter booties- ready for mooching the markets! 

Finally, head to Salzburg to visit St.Peters Church, it’s full of rich history and is a must to visit. Try the Emilie Embroidered Peasant Dress with some tights or layered denim jeans - super comfy for a day of exploring! Wander into the Old Town afterwards for boutiques, workshops and cafes. Perfect for unique Christmas gifts!


Velvet By Graham & Spencer Christmas Travel Special Blog Post

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